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The History and Use of Rudraksha Beads

What is a rudraksha? Where does it come from?

No other trees that are as legendary as Rudraksha. It has been known for a long time that as a bead the seeds of Rudraksha tree, possesses some powerful spiritual energy. On this article, you can learn more about Rudraksha starting from its history, purpose, and how to use Rudraksha.

What is a rudraksha bead? Where does it come from?

Rudraksha bead is a fruit of Rudraksha trees which are commonly grow at a certain altitude in the mountain – the tree is commonly found in the Himalayan region.

For a long time, rudraksha beads have been used as prayer beads in Hinduism.

Rudraksha is associated with Shiva, God in Hinduism. It could easily notice from its name which is derived from the words Rudra that is another name of Lord Shiva and Aksha (eyes).

Rudraksha oftenly used in the modern world to bes used as crystal bracelets for luck and getting some spirutual energy or used for faith healing treatment. That’s the reason why it also often being sold to businessman and other people who’re seeking for a good fortune.

What is the meaning and significance of rudraksha?

The legend said that Lord Shiva himself is wearing Rudraksha garlands. That’s why in India, especially among Shivaities, there is a long time tradition of wearing Rudraksha beads by men – due to Lord Shiva who is a male God. As a sacred material, the rudraksha beads are able to hold the spiritual energy of the recited mantra and help the worshiper to concentrate on their meditation, as well as being able to help spiritual development. Single rudraksha beads could be used as a protection from danger when being worn around the neck, or being worn as other jewellery like earrings and bracelets.

How many beads on rudraksha mala?

Rudraksha beads usually being strung together and called as rudraksha mala.Together as a mala, rudraksha beads used to count the repetition of a prayer or reciting the mantra – just like rosaries in Christianity. The rudraksha mala contains 108 beads plus one extra bead. It’s because 108 is a sacred number in Hinduism and also a suitable number of repetition in reciting a mantra. The extra bead is the Bindu or the guru bead. The purpose of this extra bead is to marks the beginning and the end of a cycle of 108. Aside from that, the extra bead also having a symbolic value as a principle bead.

How to use a rudraksha mala?

In Hinduism, rudraksha mala is used as a counter for reciting the repetitive mantra. When you wear rudraksha mala in meditation, it could help you to get more focus and being able to concentrate easily.

The rudraksha mala could also be worn all the time to get the benefits of Rudraksha mala’s healing power such as healing various body and mind ailments, lowering the blood pressure, calm the central nervous, and even rejuvenating your entire body and mind.


Yes, you can even wear it almost anytime even while you’re taking a bath. But remember to never use it when you take a bath with warm water and chemical soap because it’ll become brittle and suddenly crack after some time.

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